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Missions and Projects

The 1st Special Response Group conducts a wide variety of missions, trainings, and projects each year. Several of these are not publically documented due to the confidentiality of the situation.

To provide a better sense of 1SRG we offer the reader three more detailed views of our activities, one in each area.

Search - Missing Person - Robert Bogucki walked into the Great Sandy Desert in Australia to find God. 34 days later, 1SRG found Robert and helped him walk out.

Training - Turkey - ORDOS sought to enhance their wilderness search and rescue capabilities in Turkey. No appropriate training was available locally so they turned to 1SRG to provide an intense week long survey course of wilderness search and rescue techniques including management, technical rescue, canine, and swiftwater.

Long Term Projects - Tajikistan - FOCUS recognized that search and rescue in Tajikistan faced significant challenges but couldn't develop a detailed understanding of the problem. After two weeks of intense assessment in Tajikistan, a three person 1SRG team developed a detailed report on existing SAR capacity, the operating environment, the challenges, and proposals for enhancing SAR throughout the country.

A summary of the efforts in each of the three areas can be found under the individual links.

The Missions section lists search and rescue or disaster response missions. Additionally, international training missions designed to educate other agencies are listed in this section.

The Trainings section lists past and future training sessions designed for 1SRG members. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please contact 1SRG for details and availability.

The Projects section lists a variety of humanitarian aid and other projects. Projects under development are not listed here until a formal agreement is in place.

Articles and Presentations

1SRG members have written, talked, and published fairly regularly. Many of the articles can be found on various SAR related web sites. Other significant items are listed below. (List under development - 01/01/04)

TV and Film

Dateline NBC - 45 minute segment on Robert Bogucki


American Rescue Technology - David Kovar - Developing SAR Capacity in Tajikistan


SR/DR - David Kovar - Search strategy presentation
MRA Summer meeting 2003 - David Kovar - International Search and Rescue