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Tajikistan Assessment Mission
April 18th through May 8th, 2003
Tajikistan SAR Development Effort
June 2003 through Present

1SRG partnered with FOCUS Humanitarian Aid to conduct a SAR assessment in Tajikistan in April of 2003. Since then, the project has grown into an effort to develop local and regional SAR response capability in Tajikistan.

This page is a loosely organized collection of information relating to these projects. Topics covered include background information on FOCUS, history and current events for Tajikistan, map and GIS resources, etc. Some links are to internal documents and require a username and password for access.

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Tajikistan - Disaster and aid information, links and documents to background on Tajikistan culture, history, disasters, etc.

Overview Reports - read first

The United Nations Coordination Unit in Tajikistan

This is one of the best places to start for up to date information on Tajikistan (Link)

Reports on specific subjects

Disaster related information


Government links

Travel Information

Tajikistan - Various views into the society

"Internews Tajikistan is a non-profit organization that uses global
communications to enhance tolerance and understanding. The NGO supports
independent media, produces and distributes innovative television and radio
programming and Internet content, and uses the media to reduce conflict
within and between countries."

" Legal rights for both broadcasters and individual journalists in
Tajikistan remain tenuous. Internews Tajikistan maintains a staff lawyer
who tracks changes in legislation and practice in all aspects of media law.
Internet advocacy issues currently rank high on the agenda. Our lawyer also
provides consultation to stations on registration, licensing, libel,
freedom of information, and other issues related to the media's ability to
function freely." (Link to site)

Tajikistan - General Travel Information and Maps

Tajikistan - ISPs

Muslim Faith


The weather data in the following links is based on aviation weather forcast models and is not based on weather stations on the ground reporting current data.

The following data is from IPS MetroStar. They were very helpful with the the weather data and have a very helpful attitude!

Travel Advisories

Travel Agencies

FOCUS - Documents relating to FOCUS aid programs in Tajikistan